Regarding School Logo Signs

We will no longer offer individual school graduation signs:


First, we would like to express our thanks to the families and students that will not experience a traditional end of school experience. You will have a tale to tell at your reunions.


Second, the Corona Norco School District has ordered us to stop selling signs with their school logos.


As most of you know we were doing this as a community service, charging a price to cover our costs. Since the district is demanding a 10% royalty plus full accounting, with an approval process that will take weeks to months to complete, we have other business priorities with the pandemic ongoing.


We will continue to offer school signs ordered directly by your ASB, a principal, or other school organization with a 25 sign minimum.


Our pricing for this is: $7.50 25-100 - $6.50 101-500 - $4.98 1,000+


We encourage you to work with your school to combine orders to honor your Seniors!


Our site, will continue to have non-logo signs for high school, middle school, and elementary promotions.


Thank you very much.